Ice Cream

Ice cream:


Locally manufactured mix plants. A full range of continuous freezers between 200l/p/h up to 2 000l/p/h. Equipment for extrusion, cone, cup and stick products.

Together with or agencies TeknoIce, Laief, and Packint we are able to offer our clients world leading equipment. That allows  them to make the most innovative, highest quality products at the lowest production costs.


  • Extrusion lines from 4000 pieces to 20000 pieces per hour
  • Ice cream packaging bulk and extruded products
  • Filling machines bulk, cup, cone and artisanal
  • Continuous freezers 200ltr to 1600ltr per hour up to 120% overrun
  • Ripple pumps for chocolate and syrupts
  • Fruit feeders