A key number of installations have been commissioned in South Africa and on the continent, these include:

Pasteurisers: Mini units manufactured and installed throughout sub Saharan Africa for the dairy industry.

Spray Dryers: The range varies from laboratory applications to capacities of 400kg per hour. Units are manufactured locally or imported from key agencies. Accessories such as vibrating sieves are available.

Blenders: Can supply laboratories to capacities of 12 000l. Close to
1 000 units have been supplied over the past 30 years.

Ice Cream: Locally manufactured mix plants. A full range of continuous freezers between 200l/p/h up to 2 000l/p/h. Equipment for extrusion, cone, cup and stick products.

Evaporators: Predominantly in the fruit juice industry. New calandrias and separators fabricated in
the workshops.

Traditional Breweries: Installations primarily in Zambia. Equipment includes boilers, cookers, conversion vessels, fermenters and cooling towers.

Essential Oil Extraction Plants: Sparging pots, condensers and separators.