About Us


A passion for processing

Henry S. Komar has been in operation since 1976, when founder Henry K Komar first spotted a niche in supplying turnkey projects to the South African food and beverage (F&B) industry. Since then, this family-run company has made a name for itself as a consultant, contractor, fabricator and a supplier of competitively priced machinery.

Current Managing Director Stan Komar, runs a tight ship with his team of competent process personnel such as Fanie van Gaas who joined the company in 1998. ‘Our overseas suppliers offer us incredible back up support. A case in point is Teknoice Italy, which develops equipment for the ice cream industry. Personnel routinely assist clients in developing recipes; offers guidance on the latest successful global product launches, packaging, storage and distribution solutions.

‘Our company understands the past and present history of the F&B industry in South Africa. What sets us apart is that we offer 30 years’ worth of experience in finding solutions to very challenging manufacturing and processing applications. Technology change is rapid and constant. The internet, while a remarkable source of knowledge and information, can be dangerous when interpreted without the correct experience.

‘We find that clients often look at price as the main driver of a transaction when sourcing new equipment. Important considerations such as back up service, spares availability, reliability and performance guarantees are often neglected. We offer full turnkey solutions coupled to effective sourcing and supply of process equipment from tried and tested suppliers,’ he notes.

The company can also assist with the correct technology and equipment for factory, steam, power, water and air requirements.
It supplies an extensive range of filling and blow-moulding machines.

Komar is passionate that round table discussions, although old school, is the secret to the company’s success. ‘The world has become smaller and technology is easily accessible. Although projects can move faster due to initial communication via electronic media, attention to detail is often overlooked. Face to face discussions are still essential, and always achieve a good outcome.

‘The most important part of our business is that we become very close to our clients. Ours is not an exclusive business relationship. We are always available and look forward to any problem solving challenge,’ Komar explains. ‘We are confident this will remain a family-run business. While at university Mark Komar’s vacation job was operating forklifts and welding. He received his BCom Marketing degree, and decided to stay on. He has been entrusted to take us into the future.

We look forward to celebrating another 37 years of success with our customers,’ Komar concludes.