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Our best product ever: 500L Ribbon Blender

Stainless steel process equipment

We can supply turnkey projects with equipment manufactured in our workshops or sourced from our numerous overseas suppliers, where budget restraints are in place, we are able to modify existing equipment to suit and / or supply renovated equipment from our large range of ex stock items.

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Our Products

We fabricate, source, stock

Separators and Decanters:   for the dairy, fruit juice, vegetable oil, wine, oil and sorghum beer industries.

Pasteurizers:  from small 'on farm' units to large industrial plants, complete with homogenisers and separators.

Tanks and Process vessels: are available in all shapes and sizes with or without jacket and mixer.

Evaporators:  Henry S Komar has successful plants running in the fruit juice, tomato, caustic soda, effluent and dairy industries.

Blenders: New manufacture of paddle and ribbon from 60L-12000L ex stock renovated Cone, Nauta, Z-blade, Ribbon, Paddle & Gramic mixers.

Ice Cream: Sole Southern African Distribution of a complete range of ice-cream equipment.

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Customer Support

Not sure what product you need, or have queries about some of our products, then contact us, and we will gladly help you.

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About Henry S Komar & Associates

Need to know a bit more about the company that your dealing with. Get a bit of history. Where we have been and where we are going. Milestones that we have reached.

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